What is WORLD KIDS Creative English about?

Teaching philosophy

WORLD KIDS Kindergarten offers many kinds of programs in an English environment, like a school in Native English speaking countries. We adopt full English immersion programs except for our special classes, Japanese, football, pottery and tea ceremony classes.
Through the whole school life, we develop international level of English speakers as well as international minded people who are willing to learn by themselves, deepen their understanding of cross culture and can express themselves.
Although they learn English cultures, they can learn Japanese cultures and customs as well.
We adopt pottery and tea ceremony classes as well. They’ll have a tea ceremony with their own pottery in their 2nd year. We have both IQ (Intelligence Quotient) class and EQ (Emotionally Intelligence Quotient) class. According to some researches, people who have high level of EQ are able to control and create their own positive emotions such as “bright” ”happy” “fun” “enthusiasm” “peace of mind” “confidence”. We put an emphasis on those kinds of education in their minds.
With our “Program of inquiry”, they have great interest, they want to know well and are glad to learn from their experiences.
As our basis of the school name “WORLD KIDS Creative English” so our program is connected by “creativity”. We nurse their “Power to live” with the environment that will be matched on their English level and growth.
Based on our annual education plan and judging from their individual characters, we would like to help children’s growth with their parents.

Enrichment program through Pottery

Playing with mud in early childhood is very good for a child’s emotions and the right side of their brain. Start from touching mud in the 1st year, and then they’ll have full-fledged works with a potter’s wheel in the 2nd year.
They will focus to make their own works and also they will learn Japanese traditional potter’s workshop and preparation of glaze. The master potter will bake their work with a large kiln carefully. There are various steps in pottery so they can build up their creativity and imagination. In the process, they acquire a skill to think and solve problems by themselves.
This approach is available only through WORLD KIDS Kindergarten because we believe this step is very important to nurse Children’s personalities.

Various programs

Languages: English/Japanese
Maths: numbers/ shapes/ quantity/calculation
Science: Plants/ Gardening/ Nature/Animal/Science experiments
Geography: Geography & world culture
Arts and crafts: Craft/ Painting/Team craft/Pottery
Social studies: Our town/World and the environment
Music: Song/ Rhythmic/Musical Instruments
Life: Tea ceremony/Manners/Social skills/Table manners/Traffic rules/Communication/Cooking
PE: Football/Futsal/Gymnastics/Playing outside

Teaching materials

We’ve introduced our original phonics which is necessary for learning English and original monthly workbook in each year.
The workbook includes English reading and writing, maths, shapes, social studies, science, life, clock, Japanese and IQ with a good balance. We teach them along with our daily schedule.



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