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Access map

WORLD KIDS Building 2-3-5 Kizuki
Nakahara-ku Kawasaki Kanagawa

TEL 044-982-9782

Monday~Friday Open 9:30(8:30)~CLOSE 18:30(Monday~Friday)

1min. walk from Tokyu-toyoko line Moto sumiyoshi station.

Terms of the School

*Please read our following terms & conditions before using the application for WORLD KIDS kindergarten

  • Article 1. This school sets the school holidays according to yearly schedules & time table. Basically, weekend, national holidays, New Year, Obon and Summer/Spring/Winter holiday are closed.)Please refer to the monthly calendar schedule table for more information.
  • Article 2. In case of absence, please contact the school in working hours one day in advance. In case of an absence on the day because of sickness or some other reason, please contact school during 9:00-9:30.
  • Article 3. For children who are sick and have an infectious disease, please refrain from attending school and nurse at home. In the case of disease, please be absent for the appropriate days needed and please supply a doctors certificate when you resume your normal school routine.
  • Article 4. Tuition fee is a monthly fees system; the payment will be transferred on 25th of each month from the supplied bank account details. Please pay on a specified day for school admission fees and entering preparation school supplies fees.
    If you don’t pay on the specified day then we will interpret that as a cancelation and we’ll allow the next student on the waiting list to enter.
  • Article 5. We can’t refund any entering application fees after you have paid. Please talk well with your family before deciding to enter.
  • Article 6. If you need to quit school through unavoidable reasons, please contact us immediately.
  • Article 7. We’ll inform you if we have extra charges for teaching materials with pottery/tea ceremony classes and we will withdraw it from the bank account with your monthly fee.
  • Article 8. Please pick your child up at the fixed time. In the case of a delay, please contact us short care will follow and we will withdraw the fee from the bank account at the end of the month.
  • Article 9. Annual fee is counted as 1 full year and updated after the school enrollment. For the new annual fee you will have to pay for another 1 full year of fees.
  • Article 10. If there are such corresponding cases as the following, you may have to withdraw from the school, so please understand.
    1. 1) In the case you have committed an act that was obvious harmful to others and interferes with class routines.
    2. 2) if you have not paid the school tuition fees.
    3. 3) Giving false or misleading information to the school.
  • Article 11. We will contact you if the lesson is canceled at a time judged by the school in such case as natural disasters and typhoons. If that happens, we will e-mail your registered address so when you check the e-mail, please send us back an empty mail. We have usual lessons except for the situation as mentioned above.
  • Article 12. If you will not permit the school to use the child's photos taken at school for the use of website or other media, please contact our school beforehand.
  • Article 13. If you would like to participate on special events other than Kindergarten Classes then there will be additional fees.
  • Article 14. Please be punctual coming to school and leaving.
  • Article 15. Please note that field trips and special lessons may have to be postponed or canceled.
    (We will let you know in those cases.)


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