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Access map

Azalee Musashikosugi 1F 30-23 Imai minamicho
Nakahara-ku Kawasaki Kanagawa

TEL 044-738-0028

Monday~Friday Open AM10:00~18:30
Saturday Open AM10:00~13:00

13min. walk from JR Nanbu line/Yokosuka line Musashi kosugi station
8min. walk from Tokyu-toyoko line Musashi kosugi station
9min. walk from Tokyu-toyoko line Moto sumiyoshi station.

Terms of School

*Please always read this before using the application.
By agreement to this, you have agreed with the Terms of the School.

  • Article 1.This school sets the school holidays according to yearly schedules & time table. Basically, weekend, national holidays, New Year and Obon are closed.)Please refer to the calendar schedule table for more information.
  • Article 2.In case of absence, please contact the school in working hours one day in advance. If you don't come to class without telling us beforehand, you are not entitled to get a make-up lesson. We only accept the make-up lesson for Wallaby class in Class preparation day on the same month.
  • Article 3.For children who are sick and have infectious disease, please refrain from attending school and nurse at home.
    Furthermore, for transferring days on the same month, or if it is under 1 week then you can transfer the days. Please note that we can not accept if the class is over capacity.
  • Article 4.Tuition fee is a monthly fees system, the payment will be transferred at the end of the month from your bank account.
    Please pay at the reception of our school for school admission fees, first monthly fee and first annual fees.
  • Article 5.If you are entering school halfway, please pay the tuition fees by dividing the number of months and the annual fee is calculated as 12 months.
  • Article 6.If you are having a long term absence of more than a month, please contact us at least one month in advanced. (You will pay only half the monthly payment as the enrollment fee.)
  • Article 7.If you are withdrawing from school, please contact us at least one month in advanced.(Please note that if you notify less than a month then it would be difficult for us to take action and you will have to pay a months fee.)
  • Article 8.If you would like to participate on each special event other than the class event then there will be additional fees.
  • Article 9.The number of yearly lessons is 42 to 43 lessons.
  • Article 10.The lessons are carried out by the number of days according to the calendar, depending on the month the number of lessons may change.
  • Article 11.Please note that we can not refund the admission fees, annual fees and tuition fee after using our service.
  • Article 12.Annual fee is counted as 1 full year and updated after the school enrollment. For the new annual fee you will have to pay for another 1 full year of fees.
  • Article 13.If there are such corresponding cases as the following, you may have to withdraw from the school, so please understand.
    1. 1)In the case you have committed an act that it was obvious to harm others and interferes with the classes.
    2. 2)In the case you have not paid the tuition fees.
    3. 3)In the case of falsehood being passed on to the school.
  • Article 14.Lesson canceled at the time judge by the school in such case as natural disasters and typhoons are not eligible to transfer lessons.
  • Article 15.This school is able to change the terms of charges etc.
  • Article 16.If you don't permit us to use the child's photos taken in the school for the use of website or other media, please contact our school beforehand.
  • Article 17.After withdrawn from the school or from the classes and you would like to re-enroll to the school or resume classes, you have to pay the enrollment fees again.(Re-enrolling to the school \21,000 / To resume classes \14,700)