K1(First Kinder)

1st year (Mon.)~(Fri.) Spring holiday 4days Sat. Sun. and public holidays are closed all through the year

In the first year, we expand their study from various points of view such as life, nature, animals, plants and monthly themes.
They learn the base of the English language from phonics and pronunciation to rhythm from songs, chants and dancing.
In addition to learning the basic sight words and four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking, they study many programs to grow their self-expression, co-operation and creativity.
Our characteristic program of pottery, they start from touching mud and use many materials to cultivate their creativity.
In order to have confidence speaking in English, they start to learn full-sentences to communicate and it’ll enrich their school life.

K2(Second Kinder)

2nd year (Mon.)~(Fri.) Summer holiday 15days Sat. Sun. and public holidays are closed all through the year

In the second year, they build up their vocabulary and learn advanced phonics and sight words. Also, they start to use a dictionary to make a foundation of self motivational study.
Theme study time helps them to express themselves and improve their writing skills. They can think about many things from a word and the theme so it helps to progress their thinking ability.
They start to study Japanese as well. We have Japanese story book time and writing time which they can practice Hiragana and Katakana correctly.
They will also start to use a Potter’s wheel in the 2nd year to make a more authentic pottery experience.


3rd year (Mon.)~(Fri.) Winter holiday 12days Sat. Sun. and public holidays are closed all through the year

In the third year, we encourage them to extend their field of study. Based on the previous 2 years, they will study what they want to know to cultivate their self motivational study.
Also they start to study about the world including customs, weather and geography. This theme helps them to search for information by themselves and build up their English so they can express their opinions.
Our unparalleled program of pottery, they can learn about a Japanese traditional potter’s workshop and preparation of glaze so then they can make an authentic piece of pottery last. There are various steps in pottery so they can build up their creativity and imagination. In the process, they acquire a skill to think and solve problems by themselves.
Through our 3 year program, they will grow as an internationally minded person who can spell, compose, create their own story book and communicate in English confidently with their teachers and friends.

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