School Teaching philosophy

To learn phonics well from early childhood

WORLD KIDS Creative English has phonics lessons for each level. To learn phonics well in childhood helps every English skill such as pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, speaking and understanding. We made a method to teach phonics which is easy to understand for children. We practice it everyday along with a CD and the foreign teachers.

Living in a foreign country with non-native language is a precious moment for children. They will find their new aspect, try to think and solve problems by themselves among the changeable lives. To learn and experience many things in their childhood will help them to adapt to different situations and live in the future.

We offer a curriculum which children can improve their creativity and originality through lots of experience.
Our programs act directly on their brains and children can imagine clearly when they see the words or hear the sounds.
Incoming information from eyes is stored with information from their other four senses. (Hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.)
Children can experience and learn with well-balanced “Imagine program” in this school.

WORLD KIDS Home English

*Study set so you can Enjoy English at home.
The study set uses the same flash cards as the ones in the lesson; children can feel that English is more familiar to them, a set which the children can enjoy communicating in English at home. Not only the school but we reccomened the children to be exposed to English at home. There is a sample for the study set contents at school. Please ask the staff for the study set which suits the children.