There are 4 classes judged by age and English level.

Preschool JOEY Class

1.5~2years 10:00~12:40 Max number 8
Joey class is a half preschool class where the children can start to get used to being without their mother. Through learning colour, figure, science, art, craft and ABC phonics,,,children can improve their English vocabulary and they can acquire correct English spelling and sound by repeating again and again. Spending much fun time in English make the children build their sociality, manners, relationships with friends and it will help the children grow as an international-minded person.

Preschool KANGA Class

2~5years 10:00~14:00 Max number 10~14
Child Mind class/early morning・extended
2~5years 9:00~15:30 Max number 10~14
KANGA Class offers a foreign atmosphere and program. Our annual program and teaching materials encourage children to find their creativity and originality.
To learn many kinds of activities such as music, science, reading, writing, cooking, art,
social studies and maths in the school can develop their international communication skil.
We trust that to consider what children really want to do will nurture their selfdetermination,
ability to take action, build self confidence, social skills and consideration for others. Thorough the following school life, experiencing international culture, they can feel "I want to do it", "I did it" and "I feel it's fun" while enjoying leaning English.

Afterschool KOALA Class

3~5years(Beginner) 15:30~17:30 Max number10~14
4~6years(Advance) 15:30~17:30 Max number10~14
6~12years(Elementary) 16:00~18:00 Max number10~14
KOALA Class provide well-balanced lessons, reading, listening, speaking and writing steadily with monthly themes and phrases.
Also, we teach phonics for each level from beginer. It will help the children to get native English pronunciation, speaking and reading through the following processes ;
Understanding alphabet→Changing to the sound from alphabet→ Pronouncing with phonics → Reading words with phonics. We do not force them to practice English but we try to make an atmosphere for children to speak English naturaly. Along with the foreign school programs, children will experience and learn many things in English. This is an international enviroment class to learn English thorough lots of things, not only basic English but also world culture, cooking, science, maths, geography, art and craft.


0~1.5years 14:50~15:40 Max number 6~7
MUMMY & HONEY class provide lessons for mummy and the baby before entering preschool.
You can learn child raising English, craft, finger play and movement with your child from native teachers. It will help you to speak in English in your home and help your child to get English naturally.

Saturday KOALA-KANGA Class

KANGA 2~3years 10:00~13:00 Max number 10~14
KOALA 4~7years 10:00~13:00 Max number 10~14

WORLD KIDS Experience class( *Order inadvance・Entrance fee isn’t needed)

JOEY Class

  • 10:00~12:00 1 day course ¥3240
  • 10:00~12:00 2 days course ¥5400


  • 10:00~14:00 1 day course ¥6480
  • 10:00~14:00 2 days course ¥10800


  • 15:30~17:30 1 day course ¥3240
  • 15:30~17:30 2 days course ¥6480

Mummy & Honey Class

  • 14:50~15:40 1 day course ¥2160
  • 14:50~15:40 4 days course ¥7560

*If you chose the 2 days course, please take 2 classes in the same month.
*We accept Vistor & Free experience class at any time.

  • M&H tunnel activity time
  • Cooking time
  • Team craft time
  • Snack time & Manners
  • Music & Exercise
  • Summer school pool time
  • World culture work sheet

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